Jewish & Israeli Merchant/ Commerce Tokens

0131107 a

United States > Ohio(?): Shapiro Cigar Store of Westgate 10 cent token; tin; size: 25mm; weight: 1.2g. Obverse legend "Westgate | Cigar Store | Shapiro"; on reverse, "Good for 10¢ in Trade". Coin...

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Item code: 0131107

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United States > Texas: Weingarten's grocery 10 cent token; tin/aluminum; size: 25.5mm; weight: 1.7g. Medal alignment: obverse "Weingarten's Big Food Stores 'Better Food for Less'"; reverse...

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Item code: 0131114

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0131087 a

United States > Washington > Seattle: Weisfield & Goldberg Jewelers $2.50 store token; gilded bronze(?); maker-marked 'Grammes' (probably of Allentown, Pennsylvania) size: 31.75mm; weight:...

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Item code: 0131087

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United States > Kansas > Hanover: William J. Schwartz store of Hanover Kansas; brass; size: 22.5mm; weight: 2.75g. Obverse legend, "Wm [two dots beneath "M", which appears to be a...

Sales price: $75.00
Item code: 0131106

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0131116 a

United States > Illinois > La Salle: Witzeman's store 5 cent token with punched-out heart device (ND); brass(?); size: 20.5mm; weight: 2.45g. Medal alignment: obverse "Good for 5¢ in Trade";...

Price: SOLD
Item code: 0131116

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0131117 a

United States > Illinois > La Salle: Witzeman's store 5 cent token (ND); plastic/bakelite; size: 22.5mm; weight: 0.8g. Coin alignment: obverse "Good for 5¢ in Trade"; reverse "Witzeman's...

Sales price: $7.00
Item code: 0131117

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