Germany: 1200 Year Anniversary of Frankfurt/Westend-Synagoge, 1994
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Germany > Frankfurt: 1200 Year Anniversary of Frankfurt am Main / Westend-Synagoge of Frankfurt, 1994; struck in silver; maker-marked; size: 40.25mm; weight: 20.15g.

Obverse depicts intricate image of the "Westend Synagoge" in Frankfurt with the date of its foundation (1910) below.

On reverse the coat of arms of Frankfurt and legend in German around edge "1200 Jahre Frankfurt am Main 791-1994"; maker's mark and silver mark on either side of eagle's legs.

A series of 32 silver coins commemorating the city's 1200th anniversary was produced in 1993 with different obverse images on each medal (5000 sets were produced).

The Westend Synagogue was designed by the architect Franz Roeckle (1879-1953) of Liechtenstein (not many things are usually associated with that Principality and Roeckle has to his credit also the Synagogue of Offenbach and the Jewish Old Age home of Frankfurt-Bornheim) and built between 1908 and 1910. The building was inaugurated on 28 September 1910 and served the city's Reform (Liberal) Jewish community.

It bears the distinction of having survived attacks during Kristallnacht (1938) and Allied bombings during the Second World War (1944); it was restored between 1989 and 1994 and is the only one of Frankfurt's four Synagogues to have survived since its creation. In proof state with minor handling marks.

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