Germany: Rashi Synagogue of Worms 950th anniversary commemoration, 1984
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Germany > Worms: Rashi Synagogue in Worms 950th anniversary commemorative medal, 1984; stuck in silver (.999); not maker-marked; size: 40.5mm; weight: 24.95g.

Obverse depicts exterior of the Synagogue with legend in German "Raschi-Synagoge Worms 1034-1984".

On reverse the seal of the community in Hebrew (transliterated as) "Kahal Wirms" ("Community of Worms"), with legend around edge in German "Heilige Gemeinde Worms | Siegel Von 1699" (Holy Community of Worms | Seal from 1699). In proof state with some tarnish and very light handling marks.

This Synagogue is considered the oldest existing Synagogue in Germany: it was originally built in 1034 by Yaakov Ben David and his wife Rachel, but was and destroyed in 1096 during the First Crusade and again in 1146 during the Second Crusade; it was rebuilt in 1175 as the new Mens Synagogue (also known as the Alte - old - Synagoge) which was subsequently damaged, restored and even expanded several times during the Middle Ages, until the Synagogue was totally destoyed in Kristallnacht (1938). The Synagoge was rebuilt between 1958-1961.

The Synagogue is named after one of its first students from 1060 - Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki (abbreviated as "Rashi" - a common custom with religious Jewish names): Rashi was the author of the first comprehensive commentary on the Talmud ("Gmara"; the codex of Jewish life based on interpretations of the Jewish Bible) and the Jewish Bible (all 24 volumes) and is considered the "father" of all commentaries that followed. The Synagogue was probably named after Rashi in the early 1600's as the Talmudic study room named the "Rashi Chapel" was built in 1623-24.

מילות מפתח: מדליה מדליות בתי כנסת כנסיות יהודיות יודאיקה יודאיכה גרמניה