Germany: Regensburg Synagogue commemorative medal, ND (circa. 1967-1969)
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Germany > Regensburg: Regensburg Synagogue commemorative uniface medal, ND (circa. 1967-1969); pewter; made by the firm "E. W." (Eugen Wiedamann) of Regensburg; size: 81.5mm x 90mm; weight: 135.05g.

Obverse depicts the double-naved altar of the Synagogue - an image based on the original 1519 engraving by Albrecht Altdorfer (in "Synagoga Judaica"). German legend on left reads "Synagoge | zu Regensburg", and on right, "erbaut 1217 | zerstört 1519" (built 1217 | destroyed 1519).

Although the Regensdorf Synagogue was rebuilt in 1841 and again in 1912 (being destroyed for a third time in 1938), this medal appears to commemorate specifically the original dates of establishment/destruction; as the Wiedamann pewter firm existed as a workshop until 1975 and used the maker-mark which appears on the reverse from the 1950's to 1975, it's likely that this piece was produced for either the 750th anniversary of the Synagogue's erection, or the 450th anniversary of its original destruction.

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