Israel: Munich Synagogue/New Community House silver medal (CM-49), 1972
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Israel: Munich Synagogue/New Community House medal (CM-49), 1972; struck in silver .935 (matte); designed and minted by Shmuel Kretchmer & Sons, Jerusalem; size: 45.25mm; weight: 47.9g.

Obverse design is a rendition of the original 1887 obverse of the Main Synagogue's (Hauptsynagoge Munchen) inauguration medal; legend around edge in German reads "Neue Synagoge in München", and in Hebrew reads "New Synagogue of the Holy Congregation of Munich"; in exergue a credit to the original Synagogue's architect Albert Schmidt.

On reverse a sylized depiction of the Main Synagogue's remains after its destruction during Kristallnacht (1938), with Hebrew except from Zechariya 3.2 "Charred wood saved from the fire" and German legend below, "New Community House" (Neues Gemeindehaus).

The rim is etched with the word "Israel" in Hebrew and English, "Sterling 935" and the Gregorian and Hebrew dates of the community house's inauguration (25 July 1972).

Often misdescribed as a "Synagogue medal" or a medal commemorating the foundation of a new Synagogue in Munich, this medal was actually issued to commemorate the establishment of a new Jewish community center in Munich, and the medal's design drew inspiration from the grandeur of the former Main Synagogue of Munich.

This medal was created by the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation, issued in a limited mintage of only 1,010 pieces but sold and distributed only by the Jewish community in Munich, for the purpose of raising funds for the new community center.

מילות מפתח: מדליה מדליות בתי כנסת כנסיות יהודיות יודאיקה יודאיכה ישראל גרמניה