Italy: Great Synagogue of Florence commemorative gold medal, c. 1982-2002
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Italy > Florence: Great Synagogue of Florence commemorative medal (ND), circa. 1982-2002; struck in 925 Italy gold (gold plated silver); by Gori & Zucchi S.p.A.; size: 43.25mm; weight: 22.15g.

Obverse depicts facade of the Synagogue, with date of its completion below (1882, and in Hebrew "5642" - however as the Synagogue was inaugurated on 24 October 1882, after the Jewish New Year of Rosh HaShana, the Hebrew date should be 5643); around the edge, legend in English, Hebrew and Italian, "The Synagogue of Florence".

On reverse an image of a pair of hands (arranged for a priestly blessing - a reference to the 'Cohanim', or Jewish Priests), with except of a blessing from the Book "BaMidbar" ("Numbers") chapter 6: "The Lord will Bless and Protect You...", with smith's mark and makers-mark ("[star]264 AR") in exergue. Milled rim; proof state with light handling marks.

No specific dates of mention (eg. renovation or re-inauguration) relate to the Synagogue in the last 30 years but the medal was probably issued to commemorate an anniversary - centennary in 1982, 110 years or even 120 year anniversary in 1992 or 2002.

The Great Synagogue of Florence (known in Italian, though not on the medal itself as "Tempio Maggiore Israelitico") was built between 1874 and 1882 on lands donated by the president of the Jewish community of Florence, David Levi, by the Jewish architect Marco Treves, who was later joined by Mariano Falcini and Professor Vincente Micheli, in a combined Byzantine/Moorish-revival style. The Italian Kings Umberto 1st and Vittorio Emmanuel 3rd visited the Synagogue in 1887 and 1911 respectively. The structure was saved from demolishon by the Italian partisans in 1944, and restored after the war.

מילות מפתח: מדליה מדליות בתי כנסת כנסיות יהודיות יודאיקה יודאיכה איטליה