Spain: Madrid and Toledo Synagogues commemoration medal pewter, 1968
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Spain > Madrid: Madrid and Toledo Synagogues commemoration, 1968; struck in pewter(?); not maker-marked; size: 45mm; weight: 39.2g.

Obverse depicts the coat of arms of the Castile and León autonomous region of Spain, with legend in Spanish around edge, "Aun Suenan Los Rezos de Aquellos Hermanos Que en Tiempos Pasados Pisaban tus Piedras" and "Toledo [1357 in Roman numerals] Sinagoga" in exergue.

On reverse a torch device and legend in stylized Hebrew: around edge, "Netzakh Israel Lo Yishaker" (The Destiny of the People of Israel will not Lie), with dedication in center, "Holy Congregation [abbreviated] of Madrid | Dedication of [abbreviated] Synagogue | Hanukka [holiday] 5729 [Hebrew Year]".

1968 was an important year for Spanish Jewry: the government, ruled by Franco, repealed the decree of expulsion of Spanish Jews from the Inquisition of 1492; the previous year his government passed the "Religious Freedom Law" enabling the Madrid Jewish community in 1968 to establish the new "Beit [Beth] Yaakov" Synagogue (probably the one commemorated by this medal), which included a kindergarten, school, kosher restaurant, club and community offices.

The "Toledo Synagogue" mentioned on the obverse refers to the "El Transito" Synagogue in the city of Toledo which was dedicated in 1357 but confiscated from its founders before the end of the century, becoming later a Church. Between 1968-1970 it became part of the National Museum of Judeo-Spanish Art.

מילות מפתח: מדליה מדליות בתי כנסת כנסיות יהודיות יודאיקה יודאיכה ספרד