Great Britain: penny-sized Father Time medal of Rebello 1795 halfpenny token, 1796
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Great Britain: J. Rebello penny-sized commemorative medal (restrike?) of David Rebello 1795 halfpenny token (Middlesex), uniface, 1796; struck in nickel(?); weight: 16.10g; size: 32.75mm.

Depicts Father Time leaping forward with a tablet on which is inscribed "David Alves Rebello"; initial "M" at lower right, above exergue; milled edge.

David Alves Rebello, an English Jew, has the distinction of creating the first private token issued in England, in 1795, and he hired John Milton, a medalist at the Royal mint, to engrave his original piece; Milton also designed the 1796 commemorative token.

Contemporary imitations of the original D.A.Rebello token are known, and are usually struck a little off center in bronze; restrikes of this commemorative issue are recorded as appearing poor due to corroding dies. In UNC; one side of JM-84 & 140-41 and Durand p. 168.