Germany: Landgravine Louise Caroline Henriette homage medal, 1790
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Germany: Hesse-Darmstadt state; Landgravine Louise Caroline Henriette homage medal, 1790; struck in silver(?); no makers mark; weight: 10.65g; size: 34mm.

Obverse: depicts a palm tree (representing ancient Judea, as seen on ancient period pieces), with double-lined legend in German (without a period at end) "GRÜNE STETS | MIT NEÜER KRAFT | DIESES WÜNSCHT | DIE IÜDENSCHAFT" ("Always Flourish with New Power | This is the Wish of the Jewish Community").

On reverse 6-lined legend "VIVAT | LOUISE CAROLINE | HENRIETTE | LANDGRAEFIN | ZU HESS•DARMST. | 1790." ("Long Live Louise Caroline Henriette Landgraefin of Hess-Darmstadt. 1790.").

Plugged at top; partially re-engraved die variant of examples mentioned in JM-38/126 and GJPM-138: obverse is the 2-lined legend variety but on a 34mm planchet with tree design a little different than on shown examples; on reverse signs of re-engraved text, with traces of the original letters a few millimeters away from present letters - possibly explained by fact that 2-lined variety shown is on 29mm planchet, and this version may have been re-engraved for use on the original 34mm size. Friedenberg indicates that the original dies used on the 34mm piece broke after several strikings, and a second obverse die made for a 34mm planchet, followed by a third 2-lined legend obverse design for a 29mm planchet. In VF with luster.

This medal is one of two commissioned by the Jews of Hesse-Darmstadt in 1790 at the time of Landgrave Ludwig X's (later Great Duke Ludwig I) accension to the throne: he and his wife Louise Caroline (1761-1829) were tolerant liberals and each medal accorded appreciation to them separately. This medal recognized Louise Caroline for her efforts to promote religious freedom in the Princely State.

מילות מפתח: מדליות הנצחה אירועים היסטוריים יודאיקה יוקאיכה אוסטריה גרמניה