Iran: 25th Anniv. Shah's reign silver token by Jewish Community 1965-66
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Iran: 25th Anniversary of the Shah's reign, commemorative token issued by the Committee of the Jewish Community in Iran, Rosh HaShana 1965-66; struck in silver; not maker-marked; size: 30.25mm; weight: 12.3g.

Obverse bears a Menorah with legend in Hebrew "For "25" Years of Reign by Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi Great be His Glory" and "New Years [Rosh HaShana] 5726". Reverse depicts left facing portrait of the Shah with legend in Farsi around the edge. Milled rim and edge; thick planchet.

In AU-Unc; relatively crude design (especially the Menorah).

מילות מפתח: מדליות הנצחה אירועים היסטוריים יודאיקה יוקאיכה אוסטריה אירן איראן פרס