Medals of Jewish Historical Events

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Israel: First Zionist Congress 70th Anniversary / Balfour Declaration 50th Anniversary medal, 1967; struck in bronze; by the designers Duda and M. Nov for the Shekel Israel Ltd. mint; 60mm, 94.15g:...

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Munich "Bloody Olympics" Games commemorative medal, 1972; stuck in cupro-nickel; no maker mark; weight: 17.2g; size: 35.25mm.Obverse depicts the "Frauenkirche" Cathedral ("Cathedral of our Dear...

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Netherlands: San Remo Conference commemorative medal, 1920; brass; by Christiaan Johannes van der Hoef; size: 29.5mm x 35mm; weight: 10.85g.A small tallion version of the original large plate medal:...

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Netherlands: San Remo Conference/Shekel donation token, 1923; gilded bronze; by Christiaan Johannes van der Hoef; size: 29.5mm x 36mm; weight: 11.05g.A small tallion version of the original large...

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Russia, Birobidzhan "Jewish Autonomous Oblast" uniface colored enamel medallion (ND), circa. 2000s; no artist mark, manufactured by "GN" company; weight: 55.2g; size: 59.75mm.Depicts coat of arms of...

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