Medals of Jewish Institutions & Foundations

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France: Leonard Rosenthal and "Rachel House" (ND), circa. 1920's: silvered bronze plaque by Felix Rasumny (1869-1940); 48mm x 60mm; 80g: commemorating the founding president of the "Rachel...

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Hungary, "National Hungarian Jewish Relief Action" (OMZSA) appreciation medal, 1940; cast in bronze; by Jewish medalist Örkényi Stephen (István) Strasser (1911-1944); weight: 72.55g; size:...

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United States: National Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs medal, circa. pre-1950's; silver; manufactured by Popular E & M company of New York; size (tallion only): 23mm x 34.5mm; weight:...

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United States(?): "Zions Schule" uniface token (ND), 19th Century; no makers mark; struck in brass; weight: 5.45g; size: 28.25mm x 28.25mm.Obverse uses two different 6-pointed star devices on either...

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Argentina: commemorative tallion for inauguration of the Chaim Weizmann pavilion of the Bikur Cholim hospital in Buenos Aires, 1943; struck in nickel; not maker-marked; size: 29.5mm x 31.75mm;...

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Argentina: Jewish Community Center ("Centro Union Israelita") of Cordoba 50th anniversary medal, 1965; silvered alloy metal; manufactured by Alpaca; size: 27.75mm x 38.25mm; weight: 10.85g.Obverse...

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