Medals of Jewish Institutions & Foundations

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United States: National Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs medal, circa. pre-1950's; silver; manufactured by Popular E & M company of New York; size (tallion only): 23mm x 34.5mm; weight:...

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United States: International Academy of Sciences, Education, Industry & Arts "Einstein" medal (ND); struck in brass; weight: 38.95g; size: 40.25mm.Obverse depicts bust of Albert Einstein and...

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United States(?): "Zions Schule" uniface token (ND), 19th Century; no makers mark; struck in brass; weight: 5.45g; size: 28.25mm x 28.25mm.Obverse uses two different 6-pointed star devices on either...

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Russia, Birobidzhan "Jewish Autonomous Oblast" uniface colored enamel medallion (ND), circa. 2000s; no artist mark, manufactured by "GN" company; weight: 55.2g; size: 59.75mm.Depicts coat of arms of...

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Netherlands: Dutch Judaic medal for the Jewish Hospital and Home, circa. 1938; bronze, 60mm, weight exceeds 3g and is probably half a kilogram; in EF: bronze medal in heavy octagonal base, depicting...

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Libya: Talmud Torah School ("Beit Sefer Talmud Torah") in Tripoli, 1933-1934; silver, size: 27mm, weight: 8g, in F: a "Prize" medal awarded by the famous Jewish Torah studies ("Talmud Torah") school...

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Israel: False Half Shekel, 1955, issued by the "Leader Ha-Ari Foundation" ("HaAri" - the initials of "Rabbi Yitzhak Lurie"); cast copper-nickel(?), 38.5mm, 33.65g, in UNC: as per the legend in...

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Israel: "Heichal Shlomo Jerusalem" medal; size: 30mm, weight: 18.15g: medal of the complex ("Hall of Shlomo") which serves as the seat of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate since 1958, named after Shlomo...

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Israel, Yeshiva "Yachel Israel" / "Vizhnitz" Religious Institutions medal, circa. 1980's; silvered bronze; no maker/artist marks; size - 59mm, weight - 97.1g. Possibly a contributor's tribute medal;...

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