Germany: Jewish Hospital in Hamburg small medal, 1841
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Germany > Hamburg: Jewish Hospital in Hamburg, 1841; by J.D.; bronze, size: 23mm, weight: 4.05g. With bust of Salomon Heine and view of the home. 

Heine was the uncle of Heinrich Heine, and the principal benefactor of the hospital who dedicated its construction to his deceased wife. He established the new hospital in response to the poor medical conditions of the city's own hospital, and the Jewish Hospital was open to all residents of all religions. In VF-EF but with signs of cleaning in places.

מילות מפתח: מדליות מוסדות עמותה עמותות יהודיות בית בתי ספר מרכז קהילתי גרמניה יודאיקה יוקאיכה