Israel: Chassidut Vizhnitz Yeshiva 'Yachel Israel' medal, circa. 1980's
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Israel, Yeshiva "Yachel Israel" / "Vizhnitz" Religious Institutions medal, circa. 1980's; silvered bronze; no maker/artist marks; size - 59mm, weight - 97.1g. Possibly a contributor's tribute medal; in UNC with a few tiny scuffle marks.

Obverse: a Hebrew legend "Yeshiva 'Yachel Israel', Ramat Vizhnitz Haifa" over an image of the Yeshiva building, and below reads in Hebrew "A tree of life is she to those who cling to her, and her supporters are happy".

On reverse: legend in Hebrew "Institutions of 'Seret Vizhnitz' in the Holy Land" above a stylized Jewish religious emblem of a crown and wings.

"Vizhnitz" is a sect of a branch of Orthodox Judaism called "Hasidism" and originates from the Ukrainian town of Vyzhnytsia. Hasidic Jewry preserves religious faith through an emphasis on Jewish mysticism and spirituality, and its founder is the famous Rabbi Israel Ben Eliezer (1698-1760), also known as the "Baal Shem Tov" ("Possessor of the Good Name"), whose chief spiritual opponent incidentally, was the famous "Vilna Gaon".

The connection to Haifa is that in 1952 the then leader of the Vizhnitz sect, 'Admor' (the title given a chief Hasidic Rabbi, the abbreviation for "Adoneinu Moreinu VeRabeinu" - "Our Master, Our Teacher, Our Rabbi") Rabbi Baruch Hager proposed the creation of a neighborhood (called "Ramat Vizhitz" - Vizhnitz Heights) there in order to establish a Synagogue and Yeshiva (religious training school) for the sect; Yeshiva "Yachel Israel" was built in 1957. The community there numbers around 400 families today.

מילות מפתח: מדליות מוסדות עמותה עמותות יהודיות בית בתי ספר מרכז קהילתי ישראל יודאיקה יוקאיכה