Medals of Jewish Personalities

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Austria-Hungary: Vienna; Salomon Mayer Rothschild 70th birthday, 1844; struck in silver; by Konrad Lange (Vienna); weight: 61.25g; size: 49mm.Obverse depicts the Rothschild family's coat of arms,...

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Austria: Adolf von Sonnenthal 70th birthday uniface plaque by Ede Telcs, 1904, in bronze; size: 44 x 67.75mm; weight: 75.35g. The German legend reads that the plaque was issued in honor of...

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Belgium: Chief Rabbi of Belgium E. A. [Elie-Aristide] Astruc, 1880, by Ch. [Charles] Wiener; bronze, 50mm, 51.2g: medal paying tribute to Rabbi Astruc's 15 years of leadership as the Belgian Chief...

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Belgium: Rabbi Dr. Henri Loeb, 1859; struck bronze medal by Leopold Wiener; size: 59mm, weight: 89.95g: with bust of Loeb on obverse and legend in Hebrew and French on reverse; commemorating the 25th...

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France: Alfred Dreyfus/Fernand Labori medallion (ND); bronze(?); 22.5mm, 4.2g: busts of Dreyfus and Labori below their respective names. Medallions like this one exist also in a larger 28mm size with...

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France, Paris; Chief Rabbi Moshe (Moise) Netter medal of appreciation, 1901; struck in silver (marked on rim); by Jewish medallist René Stern (Paris); weight: 172.05g; size: 70.5mm; thickness:...

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France, Paris; Narcisse Leven 50th Anniversary of Alliance Israelite Universelle, 1910; struck in bronze; by Jewish medalist Emmanuel Hannaux; weight: 94.25g; size: 59mm.Obverse depicts detailed left...

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