Medals of Jewish Personalities

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Germany: Moses Mendelssohn Center ("Moses-Mendelsohn-Zentrum") award(?) medal (ND); in .999 silver, by Helmut König; 40.5mm, 34.45g: obverse depicts emblem of the Center, which is the stylized twin...

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Israel: Albert Einstein/Wise Observatory medal (1998), in bronze; 59mm, 96.95g: image of the Wise Observatory in Mizpe Ramon (southern Israel) and the logo of Israel's 50th Anniversary celebration on...

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United States: Golda Meir (Meyerson) 80th Birthday medal (1978), in struck bronze; by Jewish medalist Gerta Wiener for the Jewish American Hall of Fame trapezoid medal series; 45mm, 66.3g: portrait...

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United States: Morris Bram memorial medal (1987), in copper-burnished bronze; by Jewish artist and sculptor Alexander Shagin; 39mm, 21.8g: with portrait of Morris Bram (1909-1987), founder of the...

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United States: Morris Bram memorial medal (1987), in silver; by Jewish artist and sculptor Alexander Shagin; 39mm, 36.75g: with portrait of Morris Bram (1909-1987), founder of the American Israel...

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France: Alfred Dreyfus/Fernand Labori medallion (ND); bronze(?); 22.5mm, 4.2g: busts of Dreyfus and Labori below their respective names. Medallions like this one exist also in a larger 28mm size with...

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Israel/United States: Prisoner of Conscience ("Refusnik") medal commemorating Boris Penson, circa. 1970's; weight - 24.5g.Obverse depicts Star of David enchained with lock bearing symbol of the...

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Austria: Adolf von Sonnenthal 70th birthday uniface plaque by Ede Telcs, 1904, in bronze; size: 44 x 67.75mm; weight: 75.35g. The German legend reads that the plaque was issued in honor of...

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