Medals of Jewish Personalities


Prisoner of Zion ("Refusnik") medal commemorating Hillel Butman; cast in nickel(?); weight: 23.25g; size: 48.5mm x 63mm: obverse depicts Star of David enchained with lock bearing symbol of the Soviet...

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Luxembourg: Madame J. Bloc, President of Luxembourg Womens Association for the Relief of the Jewish Poor, 1886, by H. [Heinrich] Oppenheim of Frankfurt am Main; bronze, size: 50mm, weight: 49.45g:...

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Netherlands: Rabbi Elazar (Eleazar) Ben Shmuel (Samuel) Shmelka, 1735, by "Joel son of Rabbi Lippman Levi"; silver and lead after cast, size: 45mm, weight: 33.35g, in AU. מילות מפתח: מדליות דמויות...

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Netherlands: Shlomo Ansky ("An-ski") medal of the Dutch Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, circa. 1979; cast bronze (no discernable maker mark); size: 76mm, weight: 134.8g: features a portrait of...

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United States: Golda Meir (Meyerson) 80th Birthday medal (1978), in struck bronze; by Jewish medalist Gerta Wiener for the Jewish American Hall of Fame trapezoid medal series; 45mm, 66.3g: portrait...

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