Austria-Hungary: 50th Wedding Anniv. Landau/Kallir bronze medal by Schwerdtner, 1899
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Austria-Hungary (Ukraine), Galicia, Brody (or Vienna); 50th Wedding Anniversary medal of Fischel Landau and Clara neé Kallir, 1899; struck in bronze; by C[arl] M[aria] Schwerdtner (Vienna); weight: 155.05g; size: 69.5mm; thickness: 5mm.

Obverse depicts double portrait of Fischel and his wife, with legend punctuated by Star of David "Fischel Landau * Clara geb. Kallir", and the dates of commemoration (1849-1899) on ornamental ribbon device below.

On reverse 6-line quotation in Hebrew from "Mishlei" (one of the Books of Wisdom of the Bible) separated by stalks of wheat "In a crown of glory which comes by the way will you find rightousness: grandchildren are a crown to grandparents and fathers are a glory to their children", and legend in German around the edge "As a token for your golden anniversary".

One interpretation of this quotation is that the "children of children" [grandchildren] surround the grandparents like a crown and are a sign of honor for them because it is a great undertaking to not only raise children of one's own, but to raise them in such a way that they succeed in raising and educating worthy children of their own.

Indeed, in this instance the quotation was prophetic: Fischel (died 1920) and Clara (1829-1909) are the grandparents of Ludwig Heinrich Edler von Mises (1881-1973), an Austrian economist and philosopher who had a significant influence on the libertarian economic movement and the Austrian school of economic thought.

The Landau and Kallir families became affluent and influential from their commerical activities in the free trade city of Brody, eventually became ennobled, and in the 1873 elections to the Austro-Hungarian parliament, two of the three Jewish members of parliament from Galicia were from the Landau family.

In AU-UNC, with some surface residue from the medal's holder. The reverse is very similar in style to Samuel Friedrich Beer's commemorative medal for the 2nd Zionist Congress (1898 - see item 0130253), though Forrer praises him particularly for his sculptoral skills (p.439).

מילות מפתח: מדליות אירועים יהודיים דתיים אסימונים צדקה פדיון תשליך ברית מילה חתונה נישואין ראש השנה יודאיקה יודאיכה אוסטריה הונגריה