Germany: 50th Wedding Jubilee Dr. Samuel Hofrath silver medal, 1891
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Germany, Bavaria, Fürth(?); 50th Wedding Jubilee of Dr. Samuel Berlin Hofrath medal, 1891; struck in silver (.990); no maker marks; weight: 22.6g; size: 40.5mm.

Obverse depicts two coats of arms (on left, of Ansbach; on right, of Fürth) with crown above, and legend around rim on matte, coarse surface "Hofrath * Dr: Samuel* und * Zerline * Berlin".

On reverse ornate flowery wreath with pair of hands shaking and legend "Zur Erinnerung an die Goldene Hochzeit 23. Nov. 1841 1891".

The names and association with the mentioned cities suggest that this medal relates to Dr. Derlin (1807-1896), German jurist who was born in Bamberg and died in Furth; was the "Landesrabbiner" (county Rabbi) of Cassel, received his degree in law at the University of Munich and became the first Jewish lawyer in that kingdom.

He later served as the president of the "Gemeindecollegium" (Community College) in Ansbach from 1860 to 1869. Berlin's biography in the Jewish Encyclopedia mentions that he changed/added to his name the name "Hofrath" but does not elaborate why. Hofrath is a Hungarian surname and Berlin may have adopted it as a sign of sympathy with the ethnic minorities who rose up (and were surpressed) in the 1848 revolution. In AU, with near mirror-like surfaces; a few light scratches on the rim; marked "0,990" with silversmith mark on rim.

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