Germany: Clara Weiskopf and Moses Schnerb copper wedding token, 1896
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Germany, Merzig (Saarland), Clara Weiskopf and Moses Schnerb wedding token, 1896; cast(?) in copper; no maker mark; weight: 16.85; size: 33mm.

Obverse depicts Jewish "Khuppa" (wedding canopy) with partially abbreviated 5-line Hebrew legend inside "Day 2 2[sic] of the new month ["Rosh Khodesh"] | [text unclear - "from generation to generation"?] | in the year | of happiness | ["le prat katan" - an abbrevation used in place of using a full Hebrew year]", and transliterated German/Yiddish in Hebrew letters on left and right sides of edge: "Clara Daughter of the Honorable Rabbi, his Honor Shay | Moshe Son of the Honorable Rabbi, his Honor Chaim Gershon, Blessed be the Memory of this Rightous Person".

on reverse 12-line legend in German announcing the wedding of Clara and Moses (of Frankfurt) in the city of Merzig on 10 August 1896.

Of note, the Schnerb family was a prominent Jewish family from Merzig, Moses's father Gershon was a well known Cantor, and Moses himself eventually conducted the Frankfurt Synagogue choir until his death in 1937. In VF: some pockmarks on rim and surfaces - unclear if from a cast manufacture.

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