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Belgium: Chief Rabbi of Belgium E. A. [Elie-Aristide] Astruc, 1880, by Ch. [Charles] Wiener; bronze, 50mm, 51.2g: medal paying tribute to Rabbi Astruc's 15 years of leadership as the Belgian Chief...

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Belgium: Rabbi Dr. Henri Loeb, 1859; struck bronze medal by Leopold Wiener; size: 59mm, weight: 89.95g: with bust of Loeb on obverse and legend in Hebrew and French on reverse; commemorating the 25th...

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Brazil: enamel pin of the Jewish Community of Sao Paulo ("Círculo Israelita de São Paulo"), circa. 1920s-1930s; not maker-marked; size: 11mm x 40mm; weight: 0.85g.Design is of blue and white enamel...

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Britain > Wales: Rabaiotti Brothers 1 penny uniface brass token ND, c.1900-1925; not maker-marked; size: 25.5mm; weight: 5g. Undocumented: probably issued by "Pollardi & Rabaiotti Brothers,...

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Bronze token of 1st postwar (5th) convention of the religious-Zionist "Bachad" youth movement, in Budapest, 1947; size: 1.75 x 2.1mm; weight: 2.4g. Obverse bears legend in Hebrew: "[Hebrew month of]...

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Bulgaria: Jewish burial society "Chevra Kadisha" members enamel pin, circa. 1920's; bronze and enamel; not maker-marked; size: 20mm x 44mm; weight: 1.6g.Stretched hexigonal shaped pin with emblem of...

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Bulgaria: Jewish technical school thimble (ND), circa. 1870-1880's: brass thimble inscribed in Cyrillic letters: "зтб еврейчета софия" (with Star of David device after legend), translated more or...

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