US: Charles Fiebig's & Sons aluminum advertising token
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United States > Illinois > Rock Island: Charles Fiebig's and Sons advertising token; aluminum; size: 28.25mm; weight: 2.1g.

Obverse legend "Chas. Fiebig's Sons Locksmiths | 1619-3 Ave. Rock Island".

On reverse: "Keys-Locks | Guns Ammunition & Fishing Tackle". Coin alignment; beeded edge.

Charles Fiebig was a German-born immigrant (b. 1847), a locksmith, safecracker and electrician who opened a well known locksmith shop in Rock Island; he fought in the American Civil War and became a local 'legend' across cities in America for his ability to open safes which other experts were unable to crack, with some 500+ safe-openings to his credit.

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