US: Mitzel & Welder Lunch-Room/beer parlor brass 10 cent octagonal token
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United States > North Dakota > Napoleon: Mitzel and Welder Lunch-Room and beer parlor 10 cent octagonal token (ND), circa. 1920's; brass; size: 20.5mm x 20.5mm; weight: 2.9g.

Obverse legend "Mitzel and Welder | Lunch-Room and Schmidt's Beer Parlor | Schaaf Mpls. | Napoleon, N.D.". On reverse "Good for 10¢ in Trade". Medallic alignment.

Napoleon was founded in the 1880s by immigrants from Germany and Volga-Germans (Russia), though available research suggests that the proprietors of these businesses (indeed the townsfolk as a whole) were not Jewish (though our consignor collected this piece as part of his collection of Jewish merchant tokens): Welder, may have been Paul Welder, whose house was a rectory; Mitzel may have been Martin Mitzel, who ran his own beer parlor.

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