US: Morris B. Sachs clothing store $2 token w/horseshoe device
Item code: 0131105

Sales price $25.00

United States > Illinois: Morris B. Sachs clothing store $2 token; gilded bronze(?); size: 31mm; weight: 10.45g. Obverse bears a bust of Sachs with quotation below "Credit With a Smile".

On reverse a horseshoe device and legend "This Coin is Worth $2 on any Purchase at Morris B. Sachs | 6638 So.[uth] Halsted St. | Credit With a Smile". Medallic alignment.

Sachs was a Lithuanian-born immigrant who came to the States around the age of 13. Beginning as a door-to-door clothes peddler Sachs gradually built his career on receiving supplies in exchange for credit. During the Depression his store gained fame with the advertisement of a clearance of suits, coats and dresses for $2 - a bargain at that time, causing some 15,000 people to gather outside his store.

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