Czechoslovakia: 13th Zionist Congress delegate's pin, 1923
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Czechoslovakia: 13th Zionist Congress delegate's pin, (1923); bronze(?) and enamel; not maker marked; size: 19.5mm; weight: 3.45g.

Hexigonal shaped pin with gilded Star of David in center with Hebrew letters abbreviating "The 13th Zionist Congress" (the number "13" is composed of the Hebrew letters "Yud" and "Gimmel"), and white and blue borders around. The reverse has a hinged safety pin; the pin may have been made in Czechoslovakia (as locally made design work in Palestine would have been prominently marked so).

The 13th Zionist Congress took place in Karlsbad under the chairmanship of Nachum Sokolov in August 1923. The key issue at the Congress was a debate over the expansion of the "Zionist Executive" in accordance with the authority granted to the Jewish community in Palestine (the "Yishuv") to be represented by a "Jewish agency" which would cooperate and advise the mandatory government there. One of the proposals to include non-Zionists in such an agency was debated by rejected.

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