US(?): Zeev Jabotinsky commemorative pin, circa. 1940's/1960's
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Israel/Palestine/United States: Zeev Jabotinsky commemorative celluloid pin, circa. 1940's/1960's; probably made in the US or Canada; size: 22.5mm; weight: 1.5g.

Jabotinsky was a key figure among the ideological formulators of the Zionism, and championed in particular the notion of Jewish self-defence, self-determination through armed force and the establishment of a Jewish State within "Greater Israel" ("Revisionist Zionism").

This pin may either date from the period of his death (1940), when he died in the United States (hence the English on the pin and the black frame), or even from 1964 when his body was interred in Israel - an event which generated much public interest.

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