Israel: 24th Zionist Congress tallion, 1956
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Israel: 24th Zionist Congress tallion, (1956); nickel(?); not maker-marked, but may be by Kretchmer; size: 28.5mm x 33mm; weight: 12.45g.

Uniface tallion bearing similar design to that of the 23rd Congress - a stylized Menorah flanked by the Hebrew letters whose numerical value is "24" and the legend "The Zionist Congress Jerusalem".

The 24th Zionist Congress was held in Jerusalem between April-May 1956, under the chairmanship of Nahum Goldman - the Congress had lacked a chairman since Chaim Weizmann resigned in 1946, and it took place against an atmosphere of military insecurity around Israel's borders. The Congress discussed matters of immigration to Israel and immigrant absorption, settlements and fundraising; a proposal to eliminate party divisions within the Zionist movement and instead have regional representation was rejected.

Congress emblems from this period are found as hollow-back and solid backed pins (or tallions); given the relative expense of the solid-backed emblems (particularly then, during the period of austerity - the "Tzena"), it's possible that these solid-backed badges were issued to actual delegates of the Congress.

מילות מפתח: סיכות מדליות מדליה סמלים תגיות קונגרס ציוני ישראל