Jewish National Fund ("Keren Kayemet LeIsrael") bronze medal by Bezalel(?)
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Jewish National Fund ("Keren Kayemet LeIsrael") medal: with palm tree, 8 Stars of David (one larger than the rest, with rays) and legend "Keren Kayemet LeIsrael" on obverse, and 7-branch Menorah, sword and Star of David surmounted by the legend "From the East I shall Gather Your Seeds, From the West I Shall Gather You" on reverse (from the Prophet Yeshayahu / Isaiah, Chapter 43, verse 5: "Fear not for I am with you; from the east I will bring your seed, and from the west I will gather you").

The Prophet Yeshayahu is most closely identified with the movement for the redeption of the Promised Land by the Jewish People, and given the land-purchasing objectives of the JNF-KKL, this quotation is appropriate for the medal.

Although not catalogued, the medal's design looks most similar to the Eretz-Israel "Bezalel School" of design, and is probably made in Palestine. The Bezalel academy of art was founded by the Zionist Congress of 1905 and established in 1906 under Professor Boris Schatz (the court sculptor to the King of Bulgaria); the JNF was founded in 1902, and so this medal probably dates to the period 1906-1909 - just before the founding of the neighborhood which would become Tel Aviv (and thence a physical symbol of Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel). Weight: 7.35g.

מילות מפתח: סיכות מדליות מדליה סמלים תגיות מוסדות ארגונים ציוניים קק"ל קרן היסוד סוכנות יהודית