Kofer ha'Yishuv 'Matat Tachshitim' bronze doner pin
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Kofer ha'Yishuv "Matat Tachshitim" pin in bronze, 1938-39: issued to those who contributed jewelry (of non-precious metal) during a special initiative called "Matat Tachshitim" (in Hebrew; "Giving of Jewelry") within the framework of an overall movement called the "Community Levy" ("Kofer ha'Yishuv").

The Levy was a fundraising effort which supported self-defence within the Jewish community ("Yishuv") of Palestine. The pin was designed by M. Moro of Jerusalem and depicts a "Tower and Stockade" ("Choma u'Migdal" in Hebrew) settlement surmounted by the legend "Kofer ha'Yishuv Matat Tachshitim for the Year 1938-1939"; with soldiered safety-pin reverse; weight: 0.8 grams.

Metal tokens - rings and pins - from this movement are very rare: of this pin type, its silver counterpart (for jewelry made of precious metals) is the more familiar one; this bronze version is less well known.

מילות מפתח: כופר הישוב היישוב מתת תכשיטים פלשתינה א"י