Palestine/EI: 21st Zionist Congress bronze delegate's pin, 1939
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Israel/Palestine: 21st Zionist Congress delegate's pin, (1939); bronze; not maker-marked but probably by Moro of Jerusalem; size: 13.25mm x 45mm; weight: 3.35g.

The pin is in a profile of raised hand with two upheld fingers, drawn from a base with the Hebrew letters "Kaf" and "Alef" (for "21") and below, the quotation from the Bible, "If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem". On reverse is a soldiered pin, and stamped "Yerushalem" (in Hebrew) with "Palestine" in English below.

The 21st Zionist Congress took place in Geneva single days before the outbreak of the Second World War under the chairmanship of Menachem Ussishkin, and against the backdrop of two critical decisions by the British government - the cancellation of the Peel Commission's recommendations to partition Palestine by the Woodhead Commission, and the May 1939 'White Paper' which limited Jewish immigration to Palestine to 75,000 over a space of five years. Another critical development during the Congress was the news that Germany and the Soviet Union entered into an alliance - a development which shocked and depressed the mood of the Congress.

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