Palestine-EI: Henrietta Szold commemorative silver(?) pin, c. 1945
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Israel/Palestine: Henrietta Szold commemorative pin, circa. 1945; silver(?), but unmarked; designed by "A.G."; size: 14.75mm x 20.25mm; weight: 3.05g.

Rectangular pin bearing left facing profile of Szold with her first initial and last name in Hebrew and dates of her birth and death below (1860-1945); designer's initials in Hebrew in exergue; safety pin in loop, on reverse.

Szold was key figure of the Zionist movement, involved in many welfare and literary fields: she founded the womens' health and education oriented "Hadassah" organization, served as chief editor of the Jewish Publication Society of America, established the first nurses school in Palestine, and stood at the head of the "Youth Aliya" ("Aliyat HaNoar") movement, which helped Jewish youth flee Europe and gave them vocational training in Palestine.

An unusually well-made momento, not often seen then or since in the realm of Israeli commemorative items - probably a testament to Szold's great stature. In VF.

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