Palestine-Eretz Israel: religious-Zionist amulet/pendant, 1920
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Palestine: Jewish religious-Zionist amulet/pendant, 1920,; made in white metal, possibly silver; no maker marks, though a design very reminiscent of the Bezalel School; weight: 2.45g; size: 25.25mm.

On obverse Hebrew legend on 3 lines + date "The Right of Jerusalem will Protect You 5680 [1920]" ("Jerusalem" is spelled "Yerushalem" in Hebrew, as opposed to "Yerushalayim" - the practise of that time), below is the phrase "Year of Redeption", with wreath devices on left and right of edge with Star of David at top.

On reverse a Star of David with the word "Shadday" ("G-d") in center, surrounded by ornate floral frame. Milled rim.

Probably made as a token to commemorate the appointment of Herbert Samuel as the High Commissioner for Palestine, in 1920: the appointment of Samuel, a Jew, so soon after the Balfour Declaration (1917) was seen by the Jewish community in Palestine and particularly in religious Jerusalem as a tiding quite literally like the coming of the Messiah (ref: interviews with eye-witnesses in "Pillar of Fire", eg. p.84-85).

His appointment over newly liberated Palestine (from Ottoman Turkey) was seen as the opening stages of the redemption of the Promised Land, and many momento tokens and sourvenirs were made at the time to commemorate his arrival.

In EF-AU with some surface dirt; what appears to be wear on the highest details may be poor original detail due to the manufacture. Seldomly enountered and when so, usually seen with a hole on the top of the token.

מילות מפתח: סיכות מדליות מדליה סמלים תגיות מזכרות מזכרת הרצל הרצליאנה דמויות תנועה ציונית פלשתינה א"י