Pre-State 'Noter' (Hebrew Constable) recruitment pin, 1936-39
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Eretz Israel 'Noter' (Hebrew Constable) "Meguyas" recruitment pin: metal pinissued to new recruits to one of the branches of the Jewish Supplementary Police (known collectively in Hebrew as the "Notrut"), 1936-1939. The pin features an image of a "Tower and Stockade" settlement with the Hebrew word "Meguyas" ("recruited") underneath, and a numbered label on the reverse (probably the recruit's issued number); the badge back is a simple soldiered pin; weight: 1.75 grams.

The "Notrut" movement was the first time the British Mandatory authorities approved a legal armed Jewish force in Palestine (after 1921), and it had multiple branches shared between the Palestine Police and later the British Army. The "notrim" (Hebrew Constables) were formed into the "Supplementary Police", the "Jewish Settlement Police", the "Special Police", "Auxiliary Police" and numerous transporation and plant protection forces, eventually numbering 22,000 in the early part of 1939. Clothed with Palestine Police uniforms and 'Kolpak' and 'bush' hats, the "notrut" became also a cultural movement which embodied the image of the "new" Hebrew man; the "notrut" movement eventually formed the core of the future Israeli Army.

מילות מפתח: כופר הישוב היישוב סמל תג מגויס נוטר נוטרות פלשתינה א"י