Russia/Palestine-EI: Rishon LeZion small copper tallion, 1889(?)
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Russia/Palestine: Rishon LeZion Jewish settlement token, circa. late 19th Century (1889?); copper; not maker-marked; size: 22.75mm x 25.25mm.

A smaller version of the tallion item 0130913: obverse depicts scene of rolling orchard and fields, with homes in background; in exergue, Hebrew date of "5642" (1882); around the upper edge the legend in Hebrew "The first to Zion ['Rishon LeZion'] here they are, and to Jerusalem a portent I shall give" (Yeshayahu, chapter 41), and along the bottom edge, "Colonia Rishon LeZion".

On reverse an image of twin peaked windows, on left one depicting prayers at the Western Wall, and on right an image of a seed sower; above a Star of David, and above both windows the Hebrew, "Who will deliver from Zion the salvation of Israel:" (from the book 'Tehilim'/Psalms, 14); around the upper edge, the legend "If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem, May My Right Hand Forget its Cunning".

Though the design is identical to the larger type tallion, there are a few differences in the engraving: here there is no sign of a maker's mark; the date still has the double-apostrophe incorrectly over the second-to-last letter and now the second letter of the date is incorrectly the letter "Hey" instead of "Tav" (or a very oddly designed "Tav"); the word "Mi" ("Mi Yiten...") is incorrectly spelled with a "Vav" and in general instances of the letter "Mem" appear to be awkwardly constructed from a "Nun" and a "Yud" letter.

One improvement over the larger tallion is that the letter "Yud" here is correctly designed. Overall a very nice token with clear detail; VF. For more information on the token and its origins see the description for item 0130913. Scarcer than the larger (29mm) version of this tallion.

מילות מפתח: סיכות מדליות מדליה סמלים תגיות מוסדות ארגונים ציוניים קק"ל קרן היסוד סוכנות יהודית רוסיה פלשתינה א"י