South African Zionist Federation token for Israel's 25th anniversary, 1973
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South African Zionist Federation silvered bronze(?) token commemorating Israel's 25th anniversary, 1973; size: 32mm; weight: 13.95g.

Obverse bears Israel's official emblem for her 25th anniversary; on reverse a dedication in Hebrew, English and Afrikaanse "Presented by the S[outh] A[frican] Zionist Federation".

Jan Smuts' United Party recognized Israel just two days before his party was replaced in power by the pro-Apartheid National Party; Israel followed a foreign policy similar to other countries, of both publicly criticizing Apartheid while maintaining close economic and military ties with South Africa. Just after the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when most African states broke ties with Israel, she and South Africa bolstered their ties. This token was issued shortly before that period.