Set of 2 Auction Catalogues (Parts 1 & 2)

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Sales price $60.00

Our auction is composed of 2 parts: philatelic subjects (lots #580 - 1313) and non-philatelic subjects (lots #1 - 579: numismatics, militaria, banknotes, Judaica, Israeliana, Arabiana, ephemera, exonumia and more).


As the size of a single catalogue would be quite large (in this sale it exceeds 530 pages), the hardcopies are split into two parts. Here, you can select to purchase both together with express shipping included.


The catalogues are fully illustrated (in color), all lots are displayed and described - the images are linked to larger online displays of the pictures, and the descriptions are hyperlinked to the online details of the lot, where you can place a bid.


To select only one or the other of the catalogues, please use the dropdown menu near the image above.


The price of the catalogues only partly covers their actual cost, which is almost twice their price. If there is more demand and more copies are produced, the costs and prices will naturally go down.