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1949 2nd postage rate period taxed printed-matter mail: 26-1-1949 local HAIFA printed matter cover mailed unfranked (backstamped next day arrival - unusual as not registered mail) and taxed concessionary charge of just 6Pr (for the 5pr printed-matter rate) rather than twice the deficiency (10Pr) as addressee is a private individual and not a business, however as the 1st postage dues series' minimal frank was 3Pr, addressee was charged 6Pr, paid using 2x 3pr Ba #PD1 franks tied by full strike of 15-2-1949 Haifa postmark (bearing unusual "T" index letter); unsealed per printed-matter mail regulations; very fine.


CR058, HL031, SC32, SC35, SC26, SC22, SC37