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1949 incoming British taxed sea mail: 22 Sep 1949 surface mailed cover from CHISWICK (LONDON) to TEL AVIV, franked ½d & tied by local machine cancel; however taxed by the Foreign Section of the London head post office "7c" using denominated hexigonal T metal cachet (similar to Type FS-10-7c per PDMSG, but here "c" is smaller), per value of period French Gold Centimes, which converted to 8pr locally in Israel, which was charged using 1x 3pr & 1x 5pr franks (Ba #PD1/2) of the 1st postage dues series and applied on 25-10-1949 at TEL AVIV 46: the cover is missing its backflap, but it was likely charged initially as printed matter surface mail, which for almost 50 years cost a half-pence for 2 ounces (standard letter rate by surface mail was 3d - a large difference), however this was revised on 1 May 1949 to a full pence, and so here was probably taxed double the half pence deficiency - an unusual oversight on the part of the cancelling postal clerk.