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Jerusalem I overprint: 5m 14:14 perforation stamp Ba #29 / Setting I within Setting II - block of 4x with top pair from row 5 of overprint arrangement Delta, where the left stamp has the setting I overprint (the new Setting II Type 13 - lacking the dot over the Arabic "N" + break in Arabic "I"), and the right stamp has setting II overprint. On this printing (of 3m & 5m franks) the 4 horizontal rows (the two 5th rows of both plates) with the original Arabic "Z" overprint error were replaced using some of the units of Setting I, resulting in the 1st leftmost stamp of those 4x fifth rows bearing the Setting I overprint, while the rest of the stamps bore the setting II overprint; MNH, with original bend in the paper, the paper & perforation lines are firm with very light creases.


CR082, SC31