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Arabian political paraphilately: 3-color illustrated label for Martyrs' Day (Lebanon and Syria), depicting the flags of Syria, Lebanon and the Pan-Arab flag (either of the Syrian Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party or the Palestine Liberation Organization) + images of the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulchre (left) & Moslem Dome of the Rock ('Qubbat al-Sakhrah') shrine (right) - both in Jerusalem; the Arabic legend above reads "The day of Lebanon and Syria", and below the images "The red bleeding freedom has a door that is knocking from each wounded hand". Although the Syrian flag is upside-down, the version depicted here would date the label to either the 1950's (up to 1958) or 1961-64 (the Syrian flag changed in 1963 and the PLO adopted its flag in 1964). The label refers to the national holiday commemorating the Syrian and Lebanese Moslem and Christian nationalists executed in Damascus and Beirut on May 6, 1916 by Jamal Pasha, the Ottoman Governor of "Greater Syria" (which in that time included the area of Palestine/Holyland). Appears unused and ungummed.


CR058, HL038, SC08, CR068, CR108