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Holyland Ottoman-Turkish postmarks: 2x very fine strikes of rare blue JERICHO postmark (Ba 798b) dated 26-12-1903 tied to 2x 10 Para franks on Turkish UPU picture postcard of Dead Sea (by L. Schoeneke, JERUSALEM) to GYEVIK Sweden, per period 20 Pa overseas postcard rate; backstamped 2-1-1904 JERUSALEM transit (Ba 800); message in Swedish on front. On reverse is ornamental "NH" cachet, possibly of a hotel (this undocumented in Bale) - either from the origin or transit (in JERUSALEM). Sender translated 'Dead Sea' as "Döda Hafvet" in old Swedish (i.e. not transliterated Hebrew for "Aunt Hafvet"). Rare national destination/rarer locale; estimated value $1500-2000.