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Unusual mixed British-German franking on Hotel mail: 24-09-1904 souvenir picture postcard of the Kings Garden in the Kidron Valley (B. Hentschel, Leipzig publishers) specially produced for the "Wurtemburg-ish Pilgrimage to the Holyland, 15 August - 8 Sept. 1904" & imprinted "printed matter postcard" in German, without a message - only "Papa" handwritten on the front, from sender at Lloyd Fast Hotel in JERUSALEM to VIENNA (Austria); tied by the Lloyd Hotel Fast & Co. cachet (Ba #19.2/Steichele #803) & franked by both a British 1902 King Edward VII Penny Red single + a German 1900 Germania 10pf overprinted with Turkish 20 Para (Ba #7): the period postage rate for postcards abroad was 20 Para though here it should have qualified for the 10 Para "souvenir postcard" rate; although the Pound was worth 20:1 to the Frank at that time (eg. the 1d frank equalled 20 pfennig), the British frank was worth only 1/20 the charged rate as per the 1904 Pound-Turkish Lira exchange rate (1:1.10, i.e. underfranked in British postage by 1/20). The postal clerk didn't highlight the odd stamp and both were tied by 2x strikes of the local German post office postmark (Ba #402) & postcard front-stamped 5/10 arrival. Although the destination was Austria the postal service was German: the hotel owner was German and (according to Falk) the establishment often put their guests' mail in the mailbox of the German Colony, where they were then picked up by the nightly stagecoach of the German post office (Steichele comments that there may have been a German post office box at the hotel itself - but this is unconfirmed). Unusual.