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Holyland colonies: domestic registered printed-matter cover postmarked 26-3-1909 from WILHELMA Templar colony to JERUSALEM, correctly franked using 1¼pi on 25pf Germania stamp (Ba27/Mi39; ¼ piaster = 10 Para = 5pf printed-matter rate + 1pi [20pf] registered fee; Ba p.65 incorrect, see DPP 120/122) tied by full strike Jaffa postmark Ba401 & superb strike of rare "Tempel-Kolonie Hamidije Wilhelma Deutsche Post Jaffa" violet handstamp (Ba 413; FPOP 242; DPP p.346); with registry-label BaR-45/FPOP type F (setting a) + "Einschreiben" (registered) & "Drucksachen" (printed matter) cachets on front; backstamped 27-03-09 arrival (Ba406 postmark -with final period as in FPOP 235 / DPP p.316 Jer-F). Listed in DPP p.347 & illustustrated in FPOP p.73; signed Tsachor; est. value $1500+


CR050, HL038, SC26, SC22, HL115