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1 1942


1927 London II/Pictorals mixed franking: 20 JULY 1927 registered cover from JERUSALEM (return addressed "German Colony") to ROHRBACH Germany, franked 28m using mix of then new 3m Pictorals (Ba #91) + 1pia & 3x 5m (Ba #75 - 2x with plate type 1 per Bale & Dorfman /#80 - this as type 218 of London I Somerset printing from the lower pane with dot next to lower left Arabic "1"), for 26m postage rate (13m overseas letter + 13m registration fee; 2m overpaid as only the new 3m Pictorals stamp was available - apparently no 1m overprinted typograph was available either) & tied by 5x strikes of oval REGISTERED JERUSALEM postmark on front + 1x on back; backstamped 26-7-1927 arrival; slit open at top.