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1st Day Mandate OETA / printed matter mail: 11 NO 1918 printed-matter greeting-card sized cover on "British Manufacture" stationary from JERUSALEM to officer in RAMC NAZERETH franked 1m per period 50g inland printed-matter rate using 1m typographed corner frank with gutters (Ba5) tied by full strike OETA EEF JERUSALEM single-circle date-stamp (Sacher-A8 - 28½mm size with index letter "A", as documented) on 1st day of use - also Armistice Day (end of WWI) - perhaps reason for this card); cover sealed by consignor (originally mailed unsealed per printed-matter regulations) - very rare rate & use of 1m as single frank on a cover; very fine, estimated value $1000+.

Although there are many forgeries of this type of mail on the market, those forgeries use Sacher/Glassman cancel type AG (reference 1979 edition of "The Postmarks and Other Markings of Mandate Jerusalem 1917-1948"), a documented forgery measuring 26mm and lacking an index letter. For further clarification please see the enclosed image composed of 4 images in a row: a) the postmark on this lot as measured (from 10mm onwards as the edge of the ruler isn't sufficiently complete); b) a point of reference between this postmark and a forgery - notice the straight lined forward-stroke of the letter "R" - compare this to the same in the next image (c) of the known forgery, where the stroke appears serifed; notice also differences in the appearance of the "J" and "E" at the start of each postmark; d) an image of Sacher-A8 as appears in his book "The Postal Markings of Mandate Palestine" (1997 edition).

Provinance: this cover comes from an enormous specialized collection of Jerusalem postmarks, spanning over 30 stock books - and according to its assembler this is one of the 3 largest known collections of Jerusalem postmarks in the world.