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1936-39 Arab Revolt mail: 30 NO 1936 airmail cover on Lincolnshire Regiment stationary ex FPO 22 (13th Infantry Brigade, TULKAREM) to OLD WOKING (UK), franked 3d per period air mail rate to UK using 6x ½d Edward VIII definitive franks & tied by 6x strikes of FPO 22 postmark (number unclear here but confirmed by unit assignment & cover in lot below). The regiment was assigned to "special service" in Palestine between 18 July and 11 December 1936 (day of King's abdication), and stationed in Tulkarem. Scarce multiple franking; rare postmark: undocumented in Sacher; per Proud postmark used only between 11 Oct and 18 Dec. 1936. Slit open at top.