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Wartime incoming civilian mail: rare 18-9-1940 uprated registered postcard from Soviet-occupied LVOV to HAIFA, in German between two Jews, franked 1.10R & tied by 2 strikes of Lvov/Lviv postmark; checked & censored(!) by Palestine censor H28 (Sach-Q24; 3 lines whited-out & overprinted by cachet); 5 NO 40 transit REG HAIFA & next day delivery. Rare rate, route & censorship (USSR & UK mutually neutral at this time). [Polish] Lvov occupied by USSR as of 22-09-39. One may be tempted to ask, as incoming mail during Holocaust era, what could there have been for the Palestine censor to obliterate: per censor policies (albeit from document of 1942) to remove "indiscreet" information or "bad morale" which was permitted to pass through the originating postal system - especially information that could put pressure on the Mandate's restrictive immigration policies towards Jews, for example the documented lack of food/astronomical food prices in LVOV (at start of 1940). See continued correspondence from same sender in Soviet-occupied BEREZHANY, further in this section.