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Red Cross Holocaust-era/WWII postal link: 8 NOV 1940 cover on Belgian Red Cross stationary from BRUSSELS (German-occupied Belgium) to HAIFA (Palestine), franked 1.75Fr & tied by machine slogan cancel; subsequently opened by the Haifa censor at left & resealed with Sach-Q10 red/white label # 71/10833 & tied by H-29 boxed censor handstamp Sach-Q21 (whose last known date of use per Sacher was 12 Sept 1940 - this cover post-dates it); slit open at right. Presumably the cover passed through the Red Cross Headquarters in Geneva, although the cover is not marked by the GENEVA (Switzerland) cachet. Rare postal link. The persecution of Belgian Jews began with anti-Semitic legislation in October 1940.