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Wartime WWII/Holocaust-era incoming Red Cross mail: 28 JAN 1942 stampless Dutch Red Cross contact form with 25 word message dated 20 Jan, from THE HAGUE to REHOVOT, dispatched with dater; in transit 12 FEB 1942 in IRC Geneva; censored (in Palestine?) and text cut out; passed Palestine censor in TEL AVIV (2 strikes hexigonal cachet) & marked by rare "Imperial Censorship, Palestine... form may not be used for reply message" 3-line instructional handstamp (Sacher unlisted). Scarce postal link & unusual censorship on Red Cross mail. One may be tempted to ask, as incoming mail during Holocaust era, what could there have been for the Palestine censor to obliterate: per censor policies (per 1942 policy document) to remove "indiscreet" information or "bad morale" which was permitted to pass through the originating postal system.